Bath Organic Farms

Bath Organic Farms is based at the family farm in Weston village to the west of Bath. The farm has had full organic status since 2002, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

We farm and produce beef, lamb and pork to the highest welfare and environmental standards registered and monitored by the following bodies:

We work hand in hand with nature to produce a high quality “farm to plate” food product to cook and sell through our street food stall and catering unit.

Our organic animals are grown on a natural diet of grass and legume mix to produce the best quality meat without the use of artificial feed additives or fertilisers. Traditional hardy cattle and sheep breeds are used to utilise the natural grazing.

What we offer the customer

  • Our own hand-made organic beef or lamb burger patties served in a locally supplied bread bap with red onion relish, rocket and sauces.
  • Organic spit roast lamb served in a locally supplied bread bap with yoghurt and mint dressing and rocket.
  • Organic pulled lamb roast marinated in our own local honey and rosemary sauced served in a bread bap or on a salad bed.
  • Traditional spit roast pork served in a bread bap with stuffing, apple sauce and dressings.
  • Organic lamb meat boxes butchered and packed ready for the freezer.

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We offer a friendly professional catering service for large and small events such as music festivals, street food markets, shows and fetes, private parties, weddings…

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